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Mar 23, 2013 5:00am PDT
worked on long island and it's changed long island in a lot of ways. places have gotten far, far more diverse quite quickly. i remember when i covered the last big immigration fight in 2006-2007, one of the hot spots was in long island partly because things had changed very quickly. there were a lot of day laborers. tensions around day laborers. what are the politics four and your district? >> the politics for me to be very honest with you and i think i have extremely intelligent constituents -- >> as does every member of congress. >> they follow what's going on as far as in the news and everything else like that. but my district, the immigration issue is so diverse. it's not one solid large group. >> interesting. >> so, you know, i have asians. i have latinos. i have just -- you name it. if you look at the percentages they are there. so it's not an issue. i will say to you eight or nine years ago it was an issue. i was speaking at a temple and they were saying, you know, they didn't like the way downtown was going because these people were buying the stores in a said so you would rat
Mar 3, 2013 5:00am PST
this will be the first significant victory. what we got will set out in changing washington. >> the trajectory of people's way that they are being spun. the sequester is a bad thing and it's obama's fault hence the hash tag. at the end they said it's a good thing. i felt like members of the tea party caucus. they said look, this is what we wanted. paul ryan said this in 2011. do you view this as a success for fellow travelers? >> absolutely. i think you are right in terms of republicans. the last part i would point out is if we are talking about the balanced approach with revenues and spending cuts, that's the fiscal cliff. that was part of this debate. >> for started last year. >> we were supposed to have the biggest hike in history. they kicked out three months, but if you are looking for revenues, you already had it. >> it runs a good article and with the sequester in place, we are on track to get the $4 trillion of deficit deduction. a small amount of people would tuck too each other. that was the target. with the sequester we have, the ratio of spending cuts for the one. simpson bowles was 2-1. if
Mar 16, 2013 5:00am PDT
against you. >> the rules also matter. going into the last conclave pope john paul ii changed the rules. a group favoring a candidate who couldn't get two-thirds of the majority would win. benedict changed the rule back. you couldn't count if you got a guy that has 5% plus one. you had to settle on someone with twhoirds. >> you had to wait until you got to that two-thirds threshold. >> you don't make any speeches or anything of that nature. the whole thing literally is back room stuff. and you find you're being championed by somebody. >> also sistine chapel praying room stuff. we like to believe there's some room for the holy spirit. my mother never typed. she didn't go college. but we got her a computer and now she sends cute emails to us. they are entitled mom because she doesn't know we can see. the mom e-mail she sent to my none practicing sister. we have a new pope he's an advocate for the poor. what we hope the pope was praying for introducing christ to the world. i hope he'll be a good administrator. i'm optimistic cautiously that the way he's tried to introduce christ to the wo
Mar 30, 2013 5:00am PDT
again. >>> good morning from new york. i'm chris hayes. as you may know we're making changes. on monday i have a new program airing week nights at 8:00. "up" is staying put. we thought this was a good opportunity to revisit some of the segments we think demonstrate the values we tried to bring to this enterprise in the last 18 months. today explorations of government power to control the internet, to kill without did you process and to mint a million dollar coin. i want to start with the aftermath of hurricane sandy. right now i'm joined by a freshman congress man from new york, a democratic who represents staten island, and vice president of taxpayers for conference sense and a resident of new jersey who is displaced by hurricane sandy. on friday afternoon the new 113th congress including the gentlemen here approved $9.7 billion in immediate aid for victims of hurricane sandy. the $9.7 billion is a frktion of the aid package that passed by the senate without any explanation john boehner decided not to vote on before the 112th congress ended. the decision occasioned a rare full scale, f
Mar 9, 2013 5:00am PST
of a changing of the guard. and they represented the divisions within the republican party. and democrats, ron white, udall. senator leahy who is chair of the judiciary committee have expressed concerns about what the rules are. why can't we know what the rules are for this vast killing program. >> it's important to note those aren't just younger senators. all the senators, rubio, paul, lee, toomey. they all came in representing the establishment. >> but i also think what's important that happened this past week, not to put a completely positive spin on it, but there was something important about democracy at work. whether you think the actors were genuine within themselves. there say civil war going on in the republican party. and that's kind of what you're referring to. and i think it was showing up this past week. in very important ways not just generational. but also about these fundamental issues of who are awe. and what's the real base and who do we speak to. >> that is the question. you set a new guard. you noted that the people that stood with rams to invoke the hash tag were largely t
Mar 10, 2013 5:00am PDT
that change in the constitution. and so there were all of these ways which through the electoral sphere he was seeking to bring about change. >> he was also doing things like -- allied judges were striking leaders off candidate lists. you know, there was a degree to which the deck was a bit stacked in those elections opponents argue, right? >> i'm not going to defend those things he did. i'm going to say that at the same time he was doing those things, he was also opening spaces at the grassroots. and i think what greg had said earlier about social movements, and it's not just that it was social movements that suspected him. it was a heterogeneous range of movements that went from vast 200 to 300 community radio stations that sprung up, roots that go back to the 1970s and not all i've had as chavez supporters. >> i'll go to a member of chavez united socialist party joining us live from caracas. thank you for joining us. i think the question is can -- >> good morning. >> can chavismo and what people are talking about outlive chavez. >> yes? >> i think we lost him, actually. do we have him?
Mar 2, 2013 5:00am PST
have little impact on climate change. i'm sitting down with top chef's tom colicchio. i'm excited about that. section 5 of the voting rights act, conservative hero antonin scalia said something infamous when he referred to the voting rights act to the perpetuation of entitlement. according, that's nothing influence the justices court on oral arguments. it's not just how the court talks about race, it's about how they've gone about practices we use to pursue quality in a society that is to this day shockingly unequal. the guiding theory on jurisprudence is a belief in color blindedness. rather the actual bill of racial equality. of course, achieving racial equality required applications of laws, metrics and approaches that are race conscious. universities committed to diverse student bodies need to consider the ethnicity of their applicants and school districts committed to integration need to monitor and track the racial makeup of their student body. the roberts' court conservative justices have no decent from this. roberts proclaimed he found the intense involve innocent in achieving t
Mar 24, 2013 5:00am PDT
. >> thank you. >> this trial, i think, is -- really explosive. and i thinks that really changed the contours the politics on this issue. i'm curious what your feeling is about what this means going forward about the stop and frisk policy and how do you -- my sense is that there's broad agreement that the current status quo has to change. am i right about that? >> yes. i think the trial of the indictment on the policy itself, we all -- understood that racial proceed piling was so integral, just look at the results. almost everybody being stopped is black or brown. >> 80% of stop and frisk. >> more than that. something like 87%. not only that, even in the white neighborhoods, it is all minorities that are being stopped and frisked. there's no denying that this racial profiling going on here. and add to the pact that almost everybody who is being stopped, almost 700,000 in one year alone, almost everybody being stopped, has done absolutely nothing wrong. this is -- you know, this is not america. this is not democratic. >> confirmation after lot of this that we have been saying. this is perhaps
Mar 31, 2013 5:00am PDT
was, and that coverage really changed perceptions, wouldn't you say, bob? >> i absolutely agree with that. what i think is different now, you're talking about the mainstream press. mainstream press is much less important, actually much less existent even than in the old days. the times is still really important because it is the paper of record and people come to "the times" to see what the heck happened and i think what's different now with the occupy wall street movement and the issues coming up today is that these issues resonate with so much of the population right now, so when you were talking about civil rights in the mainstream press, the people looking at the mainstream press saw the victims of the oppression as the other, but they thought it was intolerable what was happening to them. now what's really interesting is less of a mainstream press, much more in the way of communications but very fragmented, but issues that really resonate with the majority of the population. >> so you have this -- so back then you have this sort of concentrated mass media shining the light
Mar 17, 2013 5:00am PDT
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Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10